Finally there is a fresh report out that is confirming what I’ve been emphasizing for years.

BBC World News together with Deloitte UK presented a report. Read more buy clicking here.

Sick leave due to mental health issues have increased by 16% in the past year. The cost for this in the UK only is $52 billion!

The representative from Deloitte was putting the emphasis where it also belongs: On how it affects individuals who are suffering and how it affects the work place at large. She talked a lot about the difficulties in approaching a line manager about personal and sensitive issues related to stress and crisis and how it affects life.

The two conclusions of this research is that there is a great need for a cultural change in regards to mental health.

Managers and leaders need competence when it comes to leading people who are affected by crisis, whether it is work related or personal. Avoiding this is going to make the situation worse.

Invest early and you will have a bigger return, was the second conclusion.

How will your organization/corporation create this culture change and invest early?

A leader who has crisis competence and knows Motivational Communication (MI) is well equipped to face these challenges.

You can read more and book this training to for your organization here:

Crisis Competence for Leaders

EVOKE – Motivational Communication for Leaders

Mental health issues in the work place