What is your response to employees who are stuck?

People can be dwelling on things they are unhappy with. Changes in their lives that they can’t seem to overcome.

Have you heard of ”vicitimitis?” The condition that causes pity parties and can pull down a whole team.

The elephant in the room syndrome that causes peope to walk on eggshells around toxic behaviors

People that are unable to see that they have to take responsibility for their own lives and actions will drain any team.

How do we deal with addictions as leaders? Very few managers feel comfortable around this.

Authoritarian leadership has never and will never work for any of the above.

The evidence-based leadership style called Motivational Communication (MI) is all about evoking motivation and finding the solutions to the above within the people you are leading.

Becoming competent in MI will make you even more effective in your leadership.
Learning how to evoke the best in even the most difficult of employees.

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Discourse and resistance to change.