Sometimes it’s important to let ourselves be negative, sad, angry or worried. It’s part of life. It’s not always good for us to choose to be positive and happy. Sometimes I believe that it’s actually healthy to consciously choose to allow ourselves to feel life’s downsides without feeling guilt or shame for feeling like that.

It is however important to not get stuck in a chronic phase in which we are controlled by negative emotions.

If we have the ability to choose to feel good, it is a fabulous choice. But if this ability is, temporarily, just not there, then it’s time to be good to yourself and allow yourself to not feel good.

I am absolutely all for positive thinking and positive psychology, but not at any cost. It must never be allowed to be a compulsion that erodes self-esteem and self-confidence, when the ability to be positive is just not there.

If you have the capacity and the energy, see the good in life and let the positive side of the scale dominate. But if you can’t, or don’t have the energy, it’s OK. Give yourself the space you need right now to be where you are, even if you can’t manage to smile, laugh and be happy. Be good to yourself!

Have a brilliant day!

Ulf Lidman

You’re allowed to feel blue.