The expression good enough is often used to strengthen people’s self esteem and confidence.

I’m the first one to agree that people, including myself are good enough to a certain degree. I am good enough as a person. My value is absolute. As human beings we need that deep rooted sense that we are good enough when it comes to who we are!

However, let’s look at this expression. Good enough. What do we mean?

I have met managers and leaders who definitely are not good enough. They lack a lot of empathy and people skills. I don’t want to tell them that they are good enough. They need to improve. Their value as human beings certainly is unquestionable and they are good enough. But their skills are not in that category. There is always room for improvement. This has to do with what we do, not who we are.

To be good enough does not mean that we shouldn’t look for areas where we can improve. That start with humility. A deep sense that life is about growing.

Good enough should never mean getting to a place where we’re not willing to learn more and develop our skills.

So what it comes down to is finding the balance between being and doing.
In my being, I am good enough. In my doing, I want to grow, develop, learn and better myself.

I have found that often when I work with leadership development there is a discrepancy between who people are and what people do. This discrepancy creates a sense of insecurity that definitely affects an individual’s leadership capability.

The balance between being and doing is a theme that also is true when I address crises, lack of motivation, conflict conciliation. What I do is based on having learned to be.

How we find that balance is a very personal and individual journey. A journey that I think is necessary to travel if we are going to excel as leaders.

Good enough in who I am!

Humility to wanting to grow and develop in my skills and what I do!

A good leader welcomes the process of finding this balance before attempting to lead others.

Have a brilliant day!

Ulf Lidman

Good enough!?