When we are facing situations that are inducing a lot of stress, it is completely normal and expected that we react. We are emotional beings. That means that are emotions will be affected when things go wrong.

The Corona pandemic is causing traumas all over the world. People are dying, thousands are losing their jobs, the reality of recession hangs over us like a cloud. Politicians and scientists are fumbling and cannot provide competent leadership. We are together in the unknown.

I’ve been contacted my many people in the past few weeks. People who are feeling depressed, angry, anxious, restless just to name a few reaction. All the above are uncomfortable emotions caused by stress and trauma.

It is normal to react. These are not signs of clinical depressions, anxiety disorders and wrath that needs psychiatric treatment.

I get very annoyed when I see how quick we are to pathologize normal crisis reactions. They are not mental health issues that need psychiatric or pharmacological treatment.

The key word is normalization To be sad and downtrodden does not mean a clinical depression. It is normal for people to feel sadness. Just as it is normal for others to feel anger or anxiety.

Before we run to a physician to get treatment, maybe we should try to harbor these normal feelings with other means. Talking to friends and family, physical activity and exercise, music, experiences in nature or with pets, massage, prayer, mindfulness and meditation. The list is endless when it comes to activities that can help us harbor crisis reactions.

Allowing crisis reaction and normalizing them is powerful. There is a part of life that is about abiding and being in the midst of difficult times. Instead of looking for a quick fix or a pill to help us escape from normal reactions, maybe try embracing rather than running.

The world is going to go through a lot of grieving. Let’s not make this normal part of life into a diagnosis. Cloudy days are not abnormal.

Have a brilliant day!

Ulf Lidman

It’s normal to react