I am going to be blunt. I am sick and tired of all the arrogance around COVID-19.
We are again facing a virus and now in the early stages there are a lot of questions and queries. Nobody knows for sure the characteristics of this virus and speculations are going haywire.

This reminds me of the early days of the HIV/AIDS virus. We saw the same circus then. People who came out with claims and truths. Arrogance was at its highest. There were also certain groups that were quickly identified, the gays and those who injected drugs. There were truths, politicians, experts, victims and media back then as well. Speculations. People who followed guidelines and people who ignored them. Now when we look back and there are fantastic medications, I know that there are many of the arrogant people who are eating their words. So many experts who claimed that they knew about HIV and influenced a lot of people did more damage than good!

Can we not learn from history? Where is the humility? My home country Sweden has been extremely arrogant in the way they have conducted themselves. Yes, they have done their own thing and their experts have been very outspoken. Some call it brave others unorthodox. Personally, I do not have the expertise to judge. I am not an epidemiologist. However, I am an expert on crisis competence. It is not Sweden’s way of handling the virus that I’m primarily against. It is the arrogance. The lack of humility has been mindboggling. Arrogance is not a characteristic that is needed in dealing with crises.

It’s impossible to talk about lack of humility without mention Donald Trump. I have family and friends in the US who are directly affected by the arrogance of the US leadership. When the major news anchors in the US are proclaiming: “Do not listen to Trump when it comes to Covid-19!” I realize that we live in a scary world.

A global pandemic; at least from a crisis perspective calls for unity and humility. We will have experts with different opinions and views. What I am seeing in most of them though is a humility. That’s what I’m after. Get off the high horses. Let the people with competence do their work without exalting them or putting them down.

There’s been a debate this week whether Covid is airborne or not. The scientists do not know. There were articles about this all over the world. Immediately there were scientists who proclaimed that the airborne claim is ridiculous. I thought to myself: “I am more afraid of your arrogance than I am of the virus!”

The same arrogance that I see in the tourists here in Spain who are in the pubs singing karaoke, hugging, and dancing cheek to cheek – celebrating that Corona is over! And unfortunately, I hear the same reports from friends in London, Nashville, Cape Town, Los Angeles and Amsterdam, just to mention a few.

When I hear people talking about the current pandemic without the humility that I think any empathetic person should have, I stop listening. Thousands and thousands of people have died and are dying. This is not the time for any other agenda than stopping the virus, understanding it and god willing finding a vaccine.

Have a brilliant day!

Ulf Lidman

Where is the humility in all this?