For many people in the northern hemisphere, this time of the year is tough.
Depression and mental health issues increases during the dark and gray months.
The rain and the gloomy skies affect the sense of wellbeing.

This year we have an additional challenge in the global pandemic that we are all trying to survive. An extra stress level that for some people feels unbearable.

So what does the darkness of autumn and Corona ask of us?

Those of us who are able. We need to put an extra effort into being the sunshine for those around us.

We need to be more generous than ever with making sure that those around us are being cared for.

Make that extra phone call. Send that additional greeting on social media. Why not a card in the mail. Send a bouquet of flowers. Do something that make people around you feel acknowledged and noticed.

Do you ever get a hunch and wondering how someone is feeling? Don’t let it stop with that. Go the extra mile and contact them. It can mean the world.

We are in times when it is the responsibility of those that are not feeling blue to take the initiatives toward those around us who are struggling.

Leave the amateur psychologist attitude behind and just let people know that you are thinking of them. We all need sunshine in the darkness.

Have a brilliant day!

Ulf Lidman

Fall is here!