The questions are numerous at the present time. What’s it going to be like in the USA after the election? What will the consequences be? Many are insecure. There are so many fears and agendas.

When are we betting a vaccine for Covid? When will this horrible pandemic end? The rumors fly wild here in Spain that we are facing another lock down. People are extremely tired.

Radicalized Muslims are raising havoc in both France and Austria. Macron stands up for freedom of speech and expression and as a result the demonstrations are enormous in the Muslim world.

Over and above all these international issues, there are many facing difficult situations on a personal level. The questions are plentiful!

This is where it’s so incredibly important that those of us who work with people as leaders or in other capacities, don’t fall for the temptation that we have to provide answers.

The best leadership in difficult times is to dwell in the questions together with those we lead.

It’s easy when we work with people to succumb to the pressure of producing answers and solutions. That’s not what people need!

People need presence. Spending time with them and taking their worries seriously.

Do you want to be a credible leader? Try not to come up with theories and solutions. Speculations and soothing is bad leadership.

Active presence is the key. That shows that you are genuine and real.

Have a brilliant day!

Ulf Lidman


To be in the question!