A good trait in all who works with people is to have the ability to strengthen the sense of belonging. People who feel that they belong feel safe and their self-confidence and self-esteem grows stronger.

It is our primary task in working with people to give nourishment to this growth.

Polarization is a current and lobal problem. Just look around you and see how the gaps are increasing between different groups. Us and them!

Unfortunately, many political messages are about strengthening this us and them attitude. All of us are responsible to not adhere to this.

I was encouraged by Joe Biden’s speech on Saturday. He talked about that pivotal sense of belonging.

My intention is not to be political. There is no politics involved in stating that the foundation for human beings to feel well and function, is to live with a core value:
All human beings have equal value. A value that I think should be universal.

Ostracization and marginalization never leads to anything good. We have to uphold the competence that strengthens all people. To be able to work with people and make all feel a strong sense of belonging. Us!!! Not us and them!

Have a brilliant day!

Ulf Lidman


A sense of belonging and the competence to nurture this.