Many times, the most meaningful things or actions the spontaneous ones that are unexpected.

We all get hurt in life. Last week it happened to me and I feel devastated. I was sleepless and felt very sad. I gave up on sleep. Got out of bed and made coffee. As I sat down by my computer there was an e-mail waiting for me.

A few lines from a former student. Words of encouragement and appreciation. It was like balm to my soul that arrived with perfect timing. I was drained. When I read the few short lines, over and over again, I felt the energy pour into my heart. The warmth and the love in the message, so strong that it decreased the sadness I felt.

The sender had the inclination to write to me 2 years after being my student. She listened to the inner nudge and acted. The result was fantastic.

I think it’s important to not only think that we’re going to contact someone, but actually doing it. A few lines in the right time can mean more than a whole book full of wisdom.

The small things touch that spot. They create energy and hope and give energy for us to press on and be positive.

Have a brilliant day!

Ulf Lidman

Listen to that small inclination.