It is completely normal and expected to have a shorter fuse these days.
Whatever our reactions tend to be when we are under stress, it is important to give room for this.

The pandemic is affecting us in so many different ways. That things are more tense in us and around is a fact.

Small incidents can trigger us to escalate. Whether that is irritation and anger, feelings of despair and hopelessness, worries and anxiety or feeling down and blue.

On Saturday I had an incident that normally would not bother me at all. I had an appointment with my barber. When I arrived ten minutes before my apporintment he was just about to start with the customer ahead of me. A man who arrived 55 mintues late for his appointment.

Not a big deal, but with my stress level I reacted. I composed myself and left the barbershop.

I was pissed off. A wave of negative energy inside, I knew that the best medicine is exercise. I took off straight from the barber and went on a 7 mile (11 km) speed walk. This works for me. Physical activity is great.

When I arrived home, I realized that there were still things that were stewing inside.

Step two: I took a large piece of paper and put on my dining room table and wrote down things and people that I am thankful for, with a short motivation why. That exercise is great! It encourages me to think constructive thoughts.

Step three: I called one of the people on that list to let her know why I think highly of her. She had a crap day and the phone call meant a lot to her. That of course made me feel great.

I wanted to share this with you to encourage you.
One, it is normal that we react to small things when we are under stress.
Two, it is important that we ahead of time have thought of strategies to deal with it. Three, we need each other.

How can you make what I just wrote yours? What works for you?

Have a brilliant day!

Ulf Lidman

Nip it in the bud!