It feels important to emphasize our value as human beings today.

I don’t know if you’ve had similar thoughts to mine. I the shadow of this horrible pandemic, we talk about numbers. How many deaths. If people are in risk grous or not.

Is there a risk that we’ve become numb and confused about how we view human beings? Almost 1.4 million individual have died in Corona. These are individuals! Human being! We have to remind each other that it is not numbers and statistics.

We may never end up in the position when we shrug our shoulders and allow this to ruin one of the most beautiful and non-negotiable values in life:

All human beings have equal value!

Yes, we are overwhelmed right now. We have difficulties absorbing more negative information.

A good suggestion to prevent becoming numb is to replace absorbing with being generous and giving. To express to others how much we value them. I do this on an ongoing basis with friends and family. All those in my personal network often hear me express how much I value our relationships and how valued they are as human beings.

Use social media and other avenues to remind people of their value. It is a great vaccine against becoming numb and overwhelmed in these challenging times.

I will always beat the drum and proclaim that all people have equal value and remind us about our joint responsibility to make each other feel highly valued.

Have a brilliant day!

Ulf Lidman


You are highly valued!