Many people have experienced times in life when things are blue and everything feels hard. We all react different to crisis and stress. However, feeling down and apathetic is a very common and normal crisis reaction.

It rough to be in a crisis. When we feel that everything is an effort and we lack the energy to do something about it.

I’ve counseled many people who have these dark periods and who have developed a behavioral pattern where thoughts, feelings and actions create apathy.

When we are in acute crisis and our cognitive abilities are affected. That’s not the time to process these dark feelings. We need to accept what we feel and learn how to BE in our crisis reactions.

These reactions don’t last forever, even if we feel that way when we are in the middle of it. Feeling blue or depressed is not a chronic condition. When we start noticing a will to change or see the need for it. Even if it is weak or subtle. That’s when we need to start activating ourselves. To figure out what steps we need to take to break the patterns. Behavioral activation is a great tool that works for many. Evoke small steps in order to break the patterns we have developed when we’ve been depressed.

My personal trainer has an important function in my life when it comes to getting into physical shape and breaking my destructive patterns around food and exercise.

I’ve had the same kind of support from people when I have been processing times of depression. A personal trainer for mental health.

I love that comparison. The processes are so similar.

We will go to a personal trainer and there is nothing shameful about that. What if it was equally accepted and common that we go to a trainer for our mental health. IT’s so much easier to break negative thought patterns when we get good coaching. It doesn’t happen by itself and we need to find what works for us individually.

When I slip into wanting to eat junk food, my personal trainer is great in helping me reach my goals and get back on track again.

When I slip into my blue patterns, my mentor is great in helping me getting back on track emotionally.

Have a brilliant day!

Ulf Lidman

To slip into depression because we’re used to it.