Today I’m writing a short post based on a comment I read on Facebook. You have all hear this type of comments claiming that competence must come first and gender, race, and ethnicity second.

The comment I wrote as a reply caused a lot of reactions. Some agreed with me and others didn’t. This is what I wrote:

“When we have a tradition and a culture that does not offer equal opportunities based on gender, race, ethnicity and other historic injustices. It is a must to prioritize people who don’t have or haven’t had equal opportunities. How else are we going to reach the necessary balance grounded in all human beings’ equal value?

Hence, I cannot agree that competence must always be prioritized. How will individuals grow in their competences if they’re never offered the challenges and opportunities that will make them grow?

White men like me need to step aside and offer space and opportunities. True competence is to evoke competence in others and share. Genuine competence elevates others. Competence that comes from being superior is not competence, that’s called power.”

What is your reaction to this?

Have a brilliant day!

Ulf Lidman

Competence versus gender.