60 Minutes with Ulf Lidman


All of us will at some point in our lives experience a crisis. It can be a personal crisis – death, divorce or a financial crisis. A crisis could also happen professionally – changes and developments in the work place can put both leaders and employees in difficult situations. The common denominator is a disruption in day-to-day life, when the ground starts to shake but life still has to go on despite the hardships.

At work, a crisis is a costly process which often leads to an increase in sick-leaves and turbulence in relationships and work environment. In order to deal with crisis, a competent leader is needed who knows how to lead both their employees and the goals and mission of the organization through the crisis.

An organization cannot not afford to equip their leaders with crisis competence.

The seminar 60 Minutes with Ulf Lidman offers leaders crisis competence for leaders. A manager’s role is not to be a therapist, but rather to lead the employees in and out of the crisis. In difficult situations, a leader should not respond with avoidance. With the right competence a leader sees crisis as a possibility for growth rather than an obstacle.

A competent leader puts the individual first, since everyone experience crises differently. Discernment and skills to differentiate between an acute crisis and when co-workers are stuck in a crisis are of uttermost importance, since the leadership approach between the two differs greatly.

When hit by a crisis, either in co-workers personal lives or work-related issues, a company is drained and productivity is threatened. It is a well-known fact that crisis and conflicts are very costly and draining for an organization.

Ulf Lidman has 35 years of experience with people in crisis and conflict. The 60-minute-long seminar raises questions that we all can relate to, and gives an introduction to powerful and result oriented solutions. With the help of evidence-based tools, the seminar offers the participants tangible and assertive knowledge in how to lead people through crisis. Through his years of experience, profound knowledge mixed with a great sense of humor, Ulf Lidman raises the challenging questions we tend to avoid, and provides the proper instruments that can be implemented instantly.


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60 Minutes with Ulf Lidman is a powerful ingredient on forums for leaders.

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