Crisis Competence for Leaders – Live Streaming

Everyone faces crises in life. Regardless if a crisis is personal or if it’s related to the workplace, it will affect the individual in the workplace.
Sick leave, a bad psychosocial work environment, stress and oftentimes frictions and conflicts stems from co-workers who are in crisis.
The objective with this training course is to equip leaders and managers so they comfortably with great competence and confidence can lead individuals who are in crisis. No matter if their situation is of a personal nature or related to the workplace.
A leader is not a therapist. That said, they need to know how to lead people who are in crisis. This involves many things, the common factor being that life gets interrupted but still has to move forward. It can involve death in the family, illnesses, divorces or other family issues. Going from one phase in life to another. Re-organization and re-structuring in the work place. Identity crises. No matter the catalyst, everyone can find themselves in a crisis at any time.
The competence gained from this training program focuses on the leader’s task and responsibility when employees are in crisis. How to implement the right leadership skills in order to ensure that a crisis leads to development and growth rather than stealing positive and productive energy.

We want to replace avoidance and uncomfortable feelings in the leader with the knowledge how to guide and support co-workers through their challenges without this negatively affecting the workplace as a whole.
A workplace is never to be managed by crises, it is the leader who should lead co-workers through and beyond crises.

The training program includes the following:
• What is a normal life crisis?
• Personal and work-related crises
• Leadership and crisis reactions
• Who does what? Relational leadership
• To be a leader and not a therapist
• Solutions focused leadership
• Boundaries and expectations
• Crisis processing equals moving forward
• The employees own responsibilities and network
• Crisis is not chronic – to leave the crisis behind and move forward


Included in the offer:

4 online lectures (90 minutes each) scheduled at the customer’s convenience.
Ulf Lidman will tailor the content to any specific needs of your workplace.

 Extra value:

10 hours dedicated to implementation and contextualization of the material for your organization. This can be divided according to your preferences between:
• Online group coaching/supervision
• Individual coaching/supervision

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Seeing the person, the individual, is crucial.

Only then can you offer support, leadership and guidance.

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