Leaving Crisis Behind – Live Streaming

The Corona crisis involved huge and unwanted changes for many individuals and families.
Many have lost loved ones and are grieving. Relationships are strained. Domestic violence is sky rocketing. Mental health issues are on the rise. Addictions have intensified. Finances are affected. Many have lost their jobs. So many people are affected and are hurting because of this global crisis.
No matter how we have been affected. We have to move forward and eventually leave the crisis behind us. We need to rebuild our lives.

To stand on our own feet is an important value. Not just financially, but we have to rebuild all areas of our lives so we feel safe and can live in harmony.

This training course is about helping people to help themselves. To function practically, emotionally, relationally, financially etc. in all areas of our lives.

The model presented in this program has been proven in many contexts where people need to rebuild their own lives and move forward. Nobody benefits from handouts and being dependent on welfare and external help. We look at eight core areas of life that needs to function in order for us to function. Crisis is not chronic and all individuals have, based on their own prerequisites and resources, what it takes to improve the quality of their lives and move ahead.

The training program includes the following:

• Prevention for not getting stuck in crises
• Evidence based motivational work (MI)
• What needs to be rebuilt and restored?
• How do each individual find his/her way?
• Building a solid network
• Creating the life I want
• A model for creating a solid life foundation
• No universal way or method – you are the expert on your life


Included in the offer:

4 online lectures (90 minutes each) scheduled at the customer’s convenience.
Ulf Lidman will tailor the content to any specific needs of your workplace.

Extra value:

10 hours dedicated to implementation and contextualization of the material for your organization. This can be divided according to your preferences between:
• Online group coaching/supervision
• Individual coaching/supervision


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Seeing the person, the individual, is crucial.

Only then can you offer support, leadership and guidance.

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