Motivational Communication (MI) for Leaders – Live Streaming

The objective with this training program is to introduce the evidence based style of guiding people away from discourse.
I am sure you have employees that are stuck in different ways, dwelling on things of the past, taken on a victim identity, placing guilt, stealing productive energy, causing or flaming conflict. Lack of motivation and discourse is something that all managers are well aware of.
Most likely there are individual in your workplace challenged by mental health issues or addictions.
All the above are issues that can steal valuable energy from you as a leader but also from the whole work environment.

Motivational Communication is a competence that teaches you how to evoke change in your employees. In fact is your responsibility to nurture motivation and provide a good work experience for all employees.
Your task is to meet your employees in their interpretation of their daily life at work. This course will teach you how to engage with people in such a way that they want to perform better. Not because you want them to, but because they want to themselves.
By understanding the process of change based on individuals’ own values and interests, you will learn how to evoke change.

This course has its roots in Motivational Interviewing which is an evidenced based treatment style used successfully for decades. Ulf Lidman has contextualized this into a proven leadership style which has brought fantastic results to large numbers of organizations.
Motivational Communication is a relational leadership style that will give you new perspectives on discourse – a possibility rather than a challenge.

The training program includes the following:
• What is Motivational Interviewing (MI) and what is change?
• How to lead with integrity and respect for each individual
• Motivational Communication – relational leadership
• Engaging, the key to change
• Focusing, establishing direction
• Evoking change
• The individual’s own plan for change


Included in the offer:

4 online lectures (90 minutes each) scheduled at the customer’s convenience.
Ulf Lidman will tailor the content to any specific needs of your workplace.

Extra value:

10 hours dedicated to implementation and contextualization of the material for your organization. This can be divided according to your preferences between:
• Online group coaching/supervision
• Individual coaching/supervision

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Seeing the person, the individual, is crucial.

Only then can you offer support, leadership and guidance.

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